Celebrate the
key moments in
the lives of your

RecogniseMoments allows you to connect with your employees on all the key moments in their personal and professional life.

Make these moments meaningful and memorable by delivering a personal message from their manager and offering them a gift to choose from.

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RecogniseMoments in three steps.


Create a custom list of the key events in your employees’ work or private lives.


Automate predictable events or use a wizard to manually distribute gifts or loyalty points.


Happy employees enjoy the perfect gift and a personal message from their manager.

Benefits of RecogniseMoments.


Timesaver for
Human Resources

RecogniseMoments automates your employee gift policy and takes the hassle out of scheduling, ordering and following up on employee milestones.


Managers can easily
express appreciation

Automatic invitations and text examples for personal messages, make it easy for managers to create a more meaningful experience for their employees.


Employees enjoy an
optimal connection

Personal recognition at important moments and fun tokens of appreciation make employees feel part of the team and connected to the company.

Have a gift
delivered or offer
loyalty points.

RecogniseMoments features a wizard you can use for ad-hoc gift occasions. Upload or sync the employee list with company or home addresses and get started. In just a few clicks, you can distribute gifts or loyalty points for any occasion. By default, the manager is invited to write a personal message, but HR staff can quickly add a message themselves instead.

Invite managers
to add a personal

RecogniseMoments sends managers an invitation to write a personal message for their direct team members when they have something to celebrate.

Managers can write a message from scratch or use generic or personal templates. A generic, company-specific message is used if they don’t write a message in the set time.

Employees get an
overview of all

A personal wall lists all celebration messages and gifts for the employee. This is a hub for a fantastic employee experience that collects all life events that are celebrated.

What employees can choose from.

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For more than 25 years, forward-thinking companies have trusted us to create positive work cultures where employees grow and perform. We pioneer HR innovation in employee experience. Have a world-class customer success team and delight your employees.

One of our success stories.

“We were looking for a way to create more moments of emotional connection within our large organisation. How we could celebrate milestones in the employee’s life in a more personal way without adding extra work for HR. Thanks to RecogniseMoments, not only has HR had all the hassle taken away, but the manager is very personally involved when an employee has reached a special milestone. It is sometimes touching when we receive a message from our people, how this small change in our approach has created a big emotional impact.”
Jan Van Acoleyen, Vice President HR Proximus
and Nadija Isljamaj, Director Worklife unit Proximus

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