CSR is in our DNA.

Corporate Social Responsibility starts with our employees.


"Our goal is to reduce our ecological footprint and increase our positive impact on people and the environment. This starts with creating a positive corporate culture characterized by 'giving, gratitude, growth'. We lay the foundation for a good CSR policy by connecting our people with our values, mission, and each other. Also, by making our people aware of the importance of gratitude, the positive power of giving, and the importance of continuing to invest in oneself."

Nathalie & Yves Arteel,
co-managing CEOs Arteel Group

CSR in practice.


Our employees:

We believe that people who feel valued are healthier and happier. Therefore, we invest first and foremost in building a culture where people can grow, where they are heard and seen. So that when they go home in the evening, they can also have a positive impact on their family.


Our production and logistics:

From eco-friendly printing, a bicycle lease plan, to a hybrid vehicle fleet. Step by step, we take more initiatives to reduce the ecological footprint.


Our carefully chosen partners:

From a CO2-neutral transport partner, incorporating local products in the catalog to promote local entrepreneurship, to expanding collection points.


Giving back to society:

Every year, we choose a number of charities that we highlight. In the past 5 years, we have been able to donate more than €250,000 through our recognition & loyalty programs​​.


Giving back to Mother Nature:

In addition to our own beehives, we also support RiverClean Up, committing to sponsor 1kg of waste out of the rivers for every €150 of LuckyBirds sold​​.



Happy people, happy planet.


For every €150 in gifts, we remove

1 kilogram of river waste.


A result of our collaboration with River CleanUp.


Our sustainable initiatives.


More than €250,000 donated to charities in the past 5 years.


Official partner of River Cleanup.


10,000 bees care for nature and provide delicious honey at our site in Rotselaar.


Support for local startups & entrepreneurs in our catalog.


Climate-neutral printing and FSC-certified paper.


Hybrid vehicle fleet and bicycle lease plan


Fully equipped gym in the office.


Cedar ice bath for our employees.


CO2 neutral transport partners.


We are ambassadors for a positive and sustainable work culture where appreciation is central​​.

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