B2B Loyalty.

Grow your business through our loyalty programme.

Reward loyal sales partners with a points-based programme designed to build lasting connections.

Motivate retailers, distributors, agents, resellers and wholesalers with gifts and experiences and sell more.

The results speak for themselves.

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“B2B Loyalty is simply the best customer loyalty platform – our results have exceeded expectations.”

Jan Vandenbussche, Marketing Director - Continental Benelux

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B2B Loyalty made easy.



All-in-one solution for loyalty programmes and building long-lasting relationships.



Event-based branded gifts with personalised messages to reward desired behaviour.



Ready-to-use cloud platform to seamlessly integrate with your systems.

Why our B2B Loyalty programme?


Low-cost loyalty.

Reduce procurement costs, administrative workload and sales & marketing efforts.


A gift for everyone.

Build long-term relationships through our catalogue of 3.500+ gifts, vouchers and experiences.


Smooth & secure.

Exchange data securely and automatically between your systems and the platform and gather live insights via dashboards.

B2B Loyalty

Make it personal.

Create an emotional connection with your sales partners via event-driven, personalised messages linked to desired behaviour.

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Put your insights to work.

Get an overview of the data with customisable reports and dashboards. Quickly turn insights into actionable new campaigns.

Surprise & delight.

Explore 150.000+ wonderful gifts and rewards. Discover our catalogue of branded goods, retail gift vouchers, exciting experiences and so much more.

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Not ready for a loyalty programme yet?


Start by selecting the gift solution only. Thank employees and teams with the popular LuckyBird vouchers or select delightful gift baskets, awards and delivery for any occasion in just a few clicks. These are the most easy-to-use gift solutions around.

Arteel is your partner for B2B loyalty and employee engagement.


Arteel helps companies build a positive company culture through our unique online platform. We strengthen positive culture in three ways: 


Recognising through delightful gifts.

Highlight and celebrate milestones (promotion), moments (baby shower), campaigns (health & safety), customer appreciation (end-of-year) and more.


Rewarding performance based on objectives.

Save points for rewards through employee contributions, team efforts, B2B loyalty programmes, and more.


Positive feedback based on values.

Drive behaviour according to company values: share positive interactions with colleagues in real time via an app.


Arteel's platform explained in 90 seconds.

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Ready to take B2B Loyalty to the next level and see results?