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We love teaming up with clients to build positive company cultures.

Arteel works across all industries from its head office in Rotselaar, Belgium.

We provide employee engagement and B2B loyalty solutions to SMEs and large companies across Europe, the UK and the Middle East.

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B2B Loyalty cases (Sales & Marketing).

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“Thanks to our 'Blue Diamond' recognition program, we were able to foster sustainable behavioural change.”

CEO Van Moer Logistics
Jo Van Moer

Van Moer Logistics

“It’s the best customer loyalty platform - our results have exceeded expectations.”


Managing Director Continental Benelux
Jan Vandenbussche

Managing Director
Continental Benelux

“My team expresses gratitude every week for the opportunity to work with a partner who shares our values and commitment to excellence.”

Omnichannel Manager Proximus
Jan Van Moer

Omnichannel Manager

“Since we started working with Arteel, we haven't received a single complaint about the loyalty points system. Their customer service ensures attention to every detail.”

 VP Sales Luxair
Olivier Lamoral

VP Sales

"When your employees feel valued, it positively impacts the company culture and customer loyalty. Working with Arteel is a pleasure due to their hassle-free experience, personalised follow-up, and streamlined processes."

Screenshot 2023-09-28 11.28.25 AM
Olivier Lamoral

VP Sales

"We created a magical experience with LuckyBird. As management, we provided our people with a warm and personal video that gave them a genuine 'wow feeling.' This experience was also widely shared on social media.

Screenshot 2023-09-28 11.34.01 AM
Kristof Mangelschots

HR Manager

"KPMG has a long-standing tradition of appreciating its employees during special moments. We believe that appreciation goes beyond monetary rewards, which is why we gift them LuckyBird gift boxes to ensure every employee feels valued.”

Screenshot 2023-09-28 11.50.54 AM
Harry Van Donink,

KPMG Belgium

“Each of our 5000+ employees received a delightful surprise basket delivered to their homes. Working with a professional partner like Arteel made the process hassle-free and enjoyable for our HR team.”

Screenshot 2023-09-28 12.00.17 PM
Jan Heyvaert

HR Director
AG Insurance

Arteel is your partner for employee engagement and B2B loyalty.


Recognising through delightful gifts.

Highlight and celebrate milestones (promotion), moments (baby shower), campaigns (health & safety), client appreciation (end-of-year) and more.


Rewarding performance based on objectives.

Save points for rewards through employee contributions, team efforts, B2B loyalty programmes, and more.


Positive feedback based on values.

Drive behaviour according to company values: share positive interactions with colleagues in real time via an app.

Arteel's platform explained in 90 seconds:

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Employee engagement, B2B loyalty or gift solutions? Our platform helps you show true appreciation while reducing effort and costs. Give us a try and you’ll see the power of Arteel for yourself.