Our Story.

Our team helps to spread a positive company culture of appreciation and meaningful moments.


“Our clients thrive when their employees and customers are recognised and appreciated as they should be.”

Nathalie & Yves Arteel,
co-managing CEOs Arteel Group

A family business with a history.

We help build positive company cultures and employee engagement through gift, reward and recognition solutions.


Since 1976

When you’ve been in business for over 45 years, you take a long-term view. We exceed customer expectations and standard market practices to build long-lasting relationships with customers and suppliers


Market leader

We are the Belgian reference company in employee experience and customer loyalty programmes. We have also won a Belgian innovation award in our category. We want to be the leaders in the way companies appreciate and celebrate employees and customers.


82% of best

More than 8 out of 10 leading employers in Belgium choose Arteel. Our approach is based on extensive research and interviews with CEOs of top employers, and academically tested with professors from the KUL and Vlerick Business School.

Do you know the 7 points on which Arteel distinguishes itself?


The extensive catalog with more than 150,000 gifts.


Easy to use with simple registration and login.


Complete peace of mind because we do all logistics and follow-up in-house. 


Investment in sustainability to increase our positive impact on people and nature.


Pioneer and family business that has been innovating around valuation for 30 year.


The after-sales service is fast, personal and friendly because we handle the helpdesk ourselves.


We consciously choose 'experience' for all our valuation solutions.

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We embody our values.

We go the extra



  • We always try to understand the essence
  • We continuously improve our processes
  • We deal directly and openly with people and issues


  • We always try to improve ourselves
  • We want to grow in knowledge and overcome our blind spots
  • We help each other to become more effective at work


  • We use our collective creativity to find the best solutions
  • We take actions improve efficiency or tackle major issues
  • We take responsibility for what we do and how we do it


  • We respect and appreciate colleagues and clients
  • We help each other to reach goals and deliver value to our clients
  • We pay attention to the wellbeing of others and ourselves


  • We deliver great service
  • We exceed expectations
  • We strive for emotional impact

Our beliefs.


Feeling valued and recognised are basic human needs and essential for people to feel happy, healthy and engaged.


Connecting people with a company culture and values makes organisations thrive.


Appreciated people can positively impact your bottom line by helping you attract more loyal customers, retain talented employees and attract new recruits.

Are you ready?

Let us help you build a strong recognition culture and take small but consistent steps towards creating your own company’s success story – an inspirational journey for engaged employees and loyal customers!