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A unique catalogue for every occasion.

Discover a selection of our branded goods, retail gift vouchers, exciting experiences, workation vouchers, and so much more. Arteel has unrivalled experience in corporate gifting and can draw on its extensive catalogue to make people feel appreciated.

Explore some of our 150.000+ gifts & rewards.

A selection of our branded goods, retail gift vouchers, workation gift vouchers, exciting experiences, charities, and so much more. Click on the category below to see some examples.

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Benefits of the Arteel catalogue.


Endless choice.

You get to choose from the most extensive range of gifts and, if needed, can take advantage of our wide range of cloud solutions to let recipients choose their own gift.


Full range of options.

Brand a gift with your company logo, or add the recipient’s name via engraving or a range of other options. We will help you choose the best concept to fit your brand and message.


Most easy to use solution.

You make a couple of simple selections. After that, Arteel takes care of all the rest: communication, personalisation, website, order, delivery, administration and customer service.

Available for every budget.

You can choose from a range of gift vouchers with  a gift value of €25, €35, €40, €50 or any value above that.

Give a personal touch to your gifts.

Scroll through our latest personalised goods.


The best companies trust us.

For more than 25 years, companies that care about people, have entrusted us with connecting their people and delivering a strong culture where people feel valued and are engaged. We pioneer HR innovation and really care about your success.

Arteel is your partner for employee engagement and B2B loyalty.

Arteel helps companies build a positive company culture through our unique online platform. We strengthen positive culture in three ways: 


Recognising through delightful gifts.

Highlight and celebrate milestones (promotion), moments (baby shower), campaigns (health & safety), client appreciation (end-of-year) and more.


Rewarding performance based on objectives.

Save points for rewards through employee contributions, team efforts, B2B loyalty programmes, and more.


Positive feedback based on values.

Drive behaviour according to company values: share positive interactions with colleagues in real time via an app.

How to use our catalogue to appreciate and reward people with long-lasting results?

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