Video: Arteel's logistics process.

For the first time, we're taking you on a journey to see how Arteel's gifts and rewards make their way to someone's home.

We've partnered with Moonshot, a video team, to film the logistics process at our centre located in Rotselaar.

Are you ready for an inside look at how your delightful gifts are handled and delivered? 




"For more than 30 years we studied every detail and invested in a process to create an experience people will never forget." - Nathalie Arteel


Did you know?

  • We handle every gift order meticulously in our own logistics centre based in Rotselaar.
  • We have built the capacity to process more than 10,000 orders daily.
  • From beginning to end, we control the entire logistics process in-house.
  • You can easily log in to make an order from anywhere. No preregistration.
  • We offer a catalogue with 150,000+ ways to show your appreciation.
  • Large stocks & advanced technology ensure fast delivery.
  • Guaranteed quality control & follow-up in-house with trained Arteel employees.
  • Our dedicated logistics team responds quickly & seamlessly.
  • Delivery with CO2-neutral shipping partners.
  • LuckyBird is the most popular gift solution to reward sales or other achievements, pay tribute to employee milestones or for health and safety programmes.

But maybe most important of all, we have built a team that is truly committed. ❤️

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