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CultureApp is a real-time recognition and reward solution that ensures every employee feels seen, heard and appreciated for the good work they do. Peer employee recognition builds better relationships and boosts company culture.

Enhance employee experience
with CultureApp.



Saying ‘thank you’ with a personal message makes a difference.



Feeling appreciated for who you are and the work you do, is a core human need.



Employees simply love to redeem earned points for the perfect gift of their choice.

Benefits of CultureApp.


Build better

Giving, receiving and observing recognition leads to a more positive workplace.


Drive employee

Employees who feel recognised show an increase in engagement up to 60%!


Boost company

CultureApp delivers a positive culture that drives business results.

Create a connected employee community

Create a connected employee community.

CultureApp makes your people feel more connected to their work, the company values, and colleagues — regardless of work location.

Imagine an HR app employees will adopt fast and use frequently

Imagine an HR app employees will adopt fast and use frequently.

Investing in recognition is a fast, easy and cheap way to increase employee engagement. Not only does it engage your people, but it also elevates them, and creates a workplace where everyone feels connected and on the same wavelength.

Build a strong culture that delivers results.

Build a strong culture that delivers results.

CultureApp delivers frequent and meaningful recognitions linked to your company values. Examples from peers inspire employees to embody these values. Get insight into how and where the culture is being embodied, through reports.

Make recognition easy and fun

Make recognition easy and fun.

Employees can thank all colleagues for what they do and comment on all recognitions and automatic award occasions that appear on the social feed.

What employees can choose from.

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The leading companies trust us.

For more than 25 years, companies that care about people have entrusted us with connecting their employees and delivering a strong culture of appreciation. We pioneer HR innovation in employee experience. Have a world-class customer success team and delight your employees.

One of our success stories.

Kieran Cozens
“Before our company approached Arteel, the only recognition given was from managers. There was not as much praise as most people would have liked, with staff having done something ‘amazing’ and hardly anyone knowing about it, and never actually seeing what other team members were being recognised for. Now that everyone can see it, it gives them a real boost and makes them feel much more valued for their work. Since its introduction, all employees have been engaging with the platform, which has helped show and remind the team what the company’s core values are, and it has enabled them to gain recognition for putting these values into practice.”

Kieran Cozens, Chief Happiness at S4A

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