Build a company culture of appreciation.

A culture of appreciation matters.

Around the world, well-being has become one of the most important goals for companies who care. Business leaders realise that money alone is not the answer. To connect with employees, a different approach is needed.

By building a positive culture of appreciation and celebrating meaningful moments with your employees and customers, you will touch their hearts. They will remember it.

This will help you build a sustainable culture with higher employee engagement and more customer loyalty.

Masters in culture building.

We have helped build positive company cultures through recognition,
loyalty and gift solutions since 1976.


80% of the leading employers choose Arteel

When you’ve been in business for over 45 years, you take a long-term view. More than eight out of ten leading employers in Belgium choose Arteel. We take our market leadership as a gift to keep improving recognition and loyalty solutions.



Exceeding expectations drives us. We want to build long-lasting relationships with customers and suppliers. Thinking on the same wavelength as the client, training them and helping out is in our nature. It’s all about simplifying the gifting process and making it a hassle-free experience for our clients.


Endless possibilities for customisation

Arteel has unrivalled experience in corporate gifting and can draw on its vast catalogue of experiences, retail vouchers and brand merchandise. Thanks to our cloud solutions, we can develop tailor-made solutions for each client.

Our solutions for employees
and customers.

Arteel will help you build a positive culture of appreciation
through employee recognition and customer loyalty.

Our Work
Culture solutions

  • Reinforce the desired behaviour by sharing positive feedback through the organisation.
  • Reward achievements & celebrate special life moments of the employee in a way that matters.

Our Customer
Loyalty solutions

  • Help you grow a loyal customer base.
  • Unlock the possibilities of our easy-to-use cloud solution.

Our Gift & Reward

  • Aim to celebrate special moments.
  • Make your employees and clients feel valued.

82% of Best Employers choose Arteel .

We are proud to work for the best employers.


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Rewarded employees

A selection of success stories.

Jo Van Moer

“Thanks to our ‘Blue Diamond’ recognition program we were able to create sustainable behavioral change.”

Jo Van Moer, CEO Van Moer Logistics

Luc Thys
When your employees feel valued, this positively affects the company culture and even customer loyalty. Thanks to the personalised LuckyBird gift box, we managed to score in these three domains. The hassle-free experience, personal follow-up and streamlined process make it a pleasure to work with Arteel

Luc Thys, Marketing director Soudal

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