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Accent Jobs is building a strong culture of appreciation: "An approach tailored to our DNA".

The moment you step inside talent placement company Accent, you immediately feel a positive vibe.
This is no coincidence: Accent’s management consciously cultivates a strong company culture by implementing a strategic recognition policy. This policy has really paid off. HR manager Charlotte Meiresonne explains how the Arteel platform played a major part in this success.

Giving their best.

As a certified "Great Place to Work," Accent sets high standards for employee engagement. The company excels in building a culture where people are challenged to perform at a high level while feeling genuinely supported.

A strong culture ensures that employees come to work with enthusiasm every day. Building a strong culture starts with a strong vision and set of values, and then translating them into concrete behaviour in the workplace. But how do you connect your employees with company values and reward them for giving their best?

Showing appreciation creatively.

Accent encourages every employee to view things through a positive lens and connects every positive initiative to the company’s values by acknowledging and appreciating them. This brings Accent’s values to life, and the Arteel platform plays an essential role in this. "Through the platform’s virtual recognition wall, you can easily appreciate and share every positive behaviour with the team," says Charlotte.

"We have defined several milestones in each employee's life and career, and these are celebrated in a very special way." - Charlotte Meiresonne, HR Manager

Accent's strategy goes beyond simply rewarding numbers. The company encourages leaders to connect on a personal level, looking beyond the figures or job content. "We have defined several milestones in each employee's life and career, such as onboarding, work anniversaries, the birth of children, and marriage. And these are celebrated in a very special way," explains Charlotte.

Accent's approach is to appreciate people for exceptional performance on a personal level, rewarding positive behaviour in creative ways. Gamification, for example, provides immediate recognition and strengthens the bond between Accent and the employee. It creates an unforgettable experience that keeps people motivated to do their best.

Tailored to the Accent DNA.

What makes Arteel a great partner? "Arteel has embraced our DNA," says Charlotte. "They have immersed themselves in our company culture and developed a unique concept based on that. It's entirely tailored to us, which is no small feat. At Accent, we consider it vital to provide employees with a true experience during significant milestones”: a customised experience that caters to the different generations working with us."

"Employees share their experiences within and outside the company. This is undoubtedly beneficial for our employer brand. We always aim for impact!" concludes Charlotte.

While Accent’s appreciation concept was fully personalised, Arteel also helped streamline the entire process. The administrative burden was kept to a minimum while maximising the impact. 

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