Fueling growth for Luxair: "A loyalty programme offering lots of flexibility".

Luxembourg’s flag carrier, Luxair collaborates with 1,000 travel agencies across different countries, involving 2,000 unaffiliated travel agents who sell LuxairTours' trips. VP of Sales at Luxair, Olivier Lamoral explains how a simple reward system using Arteel's points was a great sales motivator for these external agents.

A rewarding incentive.

Luxair is a Luxembourg-based company that has been operating in the travel industry for 60 years. As an airline, it offers package tours through LuxairTours, bundling hotel, flight, and transfers into attractive deals.
"The travel agents are not Luxair employees," Olivier explains. "They can also sell trips from other tour operators. Naturally we want them to choose us. To achieve this we focus first and foremost on providing a large and high-quality offering. The reward programme also plays an important role."

Points are the answer.

Luxair enlisted the help of Arteel to boost sales motivation. Luxair can now award points to travel agents through Arteel’s point-based programme. The more agents sell, the more points they accumulate. Olivier adds, "We wanted to avoid rewarding only travel agents in large agencies. With this system, points can be earned from the first sale onwards. This allows even a travel agent in a small village to accumulate points and stay motivated."

"We want to avoid rewarding only travel agents in large agencies. That's why this system allows you to earn points from your first sale." - Olivier Lamoral

Travel agents can view the number of points they have earned at any time and in real time through their personal page. They can then choose a gift or experience from an online catalogue using those points. Through Arteel, Luxair provides a selection of well-known online retailers in each country. In Belgium, for example, this includes Decathlon, Fnac, Kruidvat, and Krëfel. "The travel agents can choose when to redeem points for a gift. They have a wide range of options, ranging from typical home items to team-based experiences or gifts," says Olivier.

Luxair can set up special promotions to boost sales for specific destinations, increasing the points for each sale to a certain city or country. Setting up a promotion takes just a few minutes. "I can also provide extra motivation to high-performing salespeople," says Olivier. "For instance, I can reward the “best seller in Belgium” with 10,000 points. The travel agent then receives additional points manually. That's truly the advantage of immediate recognition."

Strong growth in a competitive sector. 

The three main benefits of working with Arteel's platform to reward and motivate travel agents?

"The system's great flexibility, immediate rewards with a comprehensive gift catalogue that is highly motivating, and Arteel's customer service," says Olivier.

"Since we started working with Arteel, we haven't received a single complaint from travel agents regarding the operation of the points system. Arteel's customer service ensures that every detail is taken care of. The result? Luxair enjoys maximum peace of mind," Olivier concludes.

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