Reward points programme is a winner for Proximus: "Direct rewards yield 4% more sales" .

How can a market leader boost their sales results in an almost saturated market? How can they keep building their employer brand in this challenging job market? Proximus teamed up with Arteel to tackle these questions. Omnichannel Manager Jan Van Moer shares the success story of their reward points programme, which led to a sales increase of 4%.

Employees as true ambassadors.

"Each of our employees is an ambassador,” says Jan. “Proximus operates according to the ADKAR principle (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement)," he explains.

"We strive to make our employees aware of how they can contribute to our company’s mission and vision. That's why we were looking a way to give them enough autonomy. At the same time, we wanted to immediately reward every positive contribution."

Domino reward points.

In collaboration with Arteel, Proximus developed Domino, a reward programme based on points. When employees interact with people who have questions about Proximus services, they are encouraged to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and provide advice on how the customer can benefit optimally from Proximus offers. When these questions are referred to the appropriate internal colleague and result in an additional sale, the employee earns points. They can either accumulate these points or immediately redeem them for a gift, experience, or voucher.

“It's a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic appreciation. It's wonderful to know that approximately half of all leads eventually turn into success stories."– Jan Van Moer, Omnichannel Manager

Here's what Proximus found: thanks to the reward programme, technicians are much more motivated to find faster solutions. "This provides motivation for even our outsourced technicians," states Jan proudly. "The programme also strengthens the bond between colleagues and different departments, as the system works in both directions. This helps us counteract the silo effect."

4% increase in sales.

A staggering 6,745 active Proximus ambassadors are registered on the Arteel platform. Employees know that will be immediately rewarded for their positive contributions. This strengthens the connection between people and the brand. Rewards drive positive behaviour. "The fact that they can save points, both in the short and long term, is very motivating," Jan explains. "People also feel deeply connected to the Proximus brand and take pride in representing it as ambassadors."

 "It's a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic appreciation. It's wonderful to know that approximately half of all leads eventually turn into success stories."

Jan adds that since Proximus started working with Arteel, employees regularly express their gratitude for having the opportunity to work with a partner who shares the same values and commitment to excellence. The results speak for themselves: "Our results have significantly improved in recent years. Initially, we derived 1.5% of our sales from the Domino programme, but that number has now gone up to 4%," Jan concludes.

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