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Randstad’s summer gift to strengthen identity: "A resounding success”.

Every year, the summer gift creates a buzz among Randstad employees: what will it be this year? Marianne Huyghebaert, the head of internal communication of the multinational human resource firm explains how Randstad teamed up with Arteel for a surprising gift that was a big hit.


The challenge of surprise.

Summer gifts are a longstanding tradition at Randstad: people who have been with the company for years still talk about gifts they received in the past. And that's exactly why Randstad does it: to maintain the connection with the organisation. "Our challenge is to surprise our colleagues each year and make them happy with a summer gift that suits everyone," says Marianne."The gift is the same for everyone, to strengthen our identity."

Over the years, diversity among Randstad employees has increased tremendously in terms of age, cultural backgrounds, and different family and living situations. Therefore, the gift could not be a mere gadget but had to be an item that prioritised sustainability, material usage, and quality.

Getting it right.

So, what was the gift everyone had been waiting for? A paella pan! "This year, we also opted for something related to the kitchen," Marianne continues. "In our culture, cooking, eating, and socialising are important. Everyone appreciates that. Each of us has a pan and a pot, but a paella pan is often missing. It also represents a summer vibe, is cheerful and colourful. It feels like an invitation to a party."

Every employee received an email with a teaser and could indicate through Arteel's platform whether and where they wanted to receive the summer gift. It was clear to Randstad that Arteel understood their needs very well. "They often hit the nail on the head. I think this is due to their open communication and proactive questions," says Marianne. "Arteel's support was also very professional. From retroplanning and the ordering module to design and packaging, everything was taken care of down to the smallest detail. Arteel completely took care of the entire process, from selection to delivery. They provided us with everything we needed!"

A resounding success.

How was the overall package received by Randstad employees? Marianne describes it as a resounding success. "The lighthearted teaser with Spanish music ensured that no one could miss the arrival of the summer gift," she laughs. "It created excitement and anticipation. People talked about it among themselves, asked questions, and tried to guess what it could be. Even their families were curious to find out what we had in store."

Here are some reactions Marianne received from her colleagues:

"Great gift! It still surprised me, even though we had a very nice hint that it would be something 'Spanish.'"
"My children were so excited that we're definitely trying out the paella recipe this weekend."
"I have a lot in my kitchen, but I didn't have this! I'm very happy with it."
"Thank you very much for the wonderful Randstad summer gift."
"Super cool idea that captures the exact feeling we're looking for in the summer."
"I never thought I would appreciate the legendary Randstad gifts this much."
"It's also very well received in my team!"

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