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Telenet goes for extra appreciation: “It brings our company values to life”".

"Culture trumps strategy" is a well-known quote from John Porter from when he became CEO of leading Belgian telecom company Telenet in 2013. Director of Employee Services, Kris Legroe started working at Telenet around the same time, with the same vision. The company’s long-term reward and recognition strategy focuses on creating impact in people's minds and hearts. Kris explains why Arteel's solutions have become an indispensable.

Integrating employee recognition.

In 2016, Telenet acquired Base, adding over 800 employees in two years. At the time employee recognition and support solutions were not only fragmented, but also primarily focused on individuals. Starting from 2019, these had to be integrated within the larger Telenet organisation. The company sought a centralised and structured approach.

Telenet was intrigued by Arteel's approach and got in touch. "Discussions about collaboration accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic," Kris explains. "In 2020, we initiated a programme through the Arteel platform which allowed us to celebrate seniority and other milestones with a personalised message from the manager."

A single platform.

The Arteel platform was very well received, due especially to its personalisation options and Arteel's efficient logistical support. The programme continued even after the pandemic, expanding to include celebrations of births and weddings.

"We also started a process with Arteel to recognise teams," Kris explains. "Recognition from the senior leadership team also happens through the Arteel platform. If high-performing teams act according to Telenet's values, they can win prizes and choose unique activities and experiences such as dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant, kayaking, or hot air balloon rides."

"Telenet is noticed far beyond the company walls, strengthening our employer brand." - Kris Legroe

Arteel's solutions are readily shared by employees on social media. "This strengthens our employer brand, as Telenet gets noticed far beyond the company walls," Kris remarks..  

Long-term impact.

Kris much prefers an employee recognition programme to cash reward. "With cash, there's a much smaller chance of organising a fun activity with a team or colleague," he reflects. "When you can choose a gift yourself, you reflect more on its impact."

Through Arteel's platform, Telenet found a solution to make appreciation visible. It is important for the company to depart from individual motivation and create a strong connection with company values. The result is a lasting impact through experiences that will be remembered by employees for a long time to come.

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